Allay customer concerns and protect your know-how

The purpose of escrow software is to minimize the risks associated with the development and maintenance of information systems. The essence of the service consists in the safe custody of the application source code with an independent party – an escrow agent, based on a conditional three-party agreement between the user, the software producer and the escrow agent. If the agreed conditions are fulfilled (termination of the supplier, breach of SLA), the contract entitles the escrow agent to release the source codes to the user in order to continue maintenance and development of the software with another partner.

Source code security first and foremost

Thanks to our many years of development experience, we are aware of the risks that a software producer is exposed to when handling source code in any way. On several occasions, we have been forced to refuse a contract that was supposed to include the handing over of source code as a form of certain guarantees. Therefore, the manufacturer’s concerns about the disclosure of know-how are the main motivation to pay the utmost attention to the technological security of our software escrow services.

Efficient and secure source code storage

Customers routinely approach software manufacturers to request the release of source code in order to ensure the continuity of operation and future development of the information system. An acceptable solution to the situation is the notarial custody offered by law firms. However, these services are often costly, risky in terms of handling source codes and very inflexible due to the need for regular physical handling of the media (CD, flash memory). They are not always able to fulfil their purpose at all due to the limited reliability and lifespan of the stored media. Obviously, in situations like this, the contract is often rejected either by the supplier (fear of disclosure of know-how) or by the customer (more storage costs).

DEPONEST offers software escrow services that technologically protect the source code from disclosure or loss throughout the escrow process. As we have a base of IT specialists with extensive experience in software development, we are also able to provide additional services in the form of technical verification at various levels.

Escrow software as a competitive advantage

When deciding on investments in information systems, your customers also evaluate the risks associated with the subsequent maintenance and technical support of the application. They evaluate your ability to maintain the required quality of service in the long term. In cases where the customer’s business is directly dependent on the requested software, this criterion plays an important role in the final decision to award the contract.

The guarantees resulting from the introduction of escrow software into the contractual relationship can become an important argument in the final choice of supplier. By actively offering escrow services as part of your delivery, you reinforce the customer’s belief that your goal is common – to deliver and support the software that is the subject of the contract.